18 Mountain Ave. Bound Brook, NJ 08805

Bound Brook

Revitalization Partnership


The Bound Brook Revitalization Partnership (BBRP) is┬áthe management entity of the Special Improvement District (SID).  The BBRP is a 501 C (3) not for profit organization working to serve the Bound Brook Community by aggressively working to improve and enhance the business climate and development opportunities within the downtown SID.


The vision of the Bound Brook Revitalization Partnership (BBRP) is for Bound Brook, NJ to be a preferred destination where people want to live, work and visit. The BBRP is committed to strengthening the downtown Special Improvement District as the center of community life; improving the District's economic viability by supporting existing businesses; encouraging the establishment of new enterprises; supporting cultural activities that complement existing stores  and services; making Downtown Bound Brook safer, cleaner and more attractive, with adequate public parking to serve the needs of local residents and attract new shoppers and visitors from throughout the region.

Downtown Manager

Ray Mikell


Tony Pranzatelli

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